2 Years Later

11:30 am

Today is a very special day. The 22nd of March signifies two whole years of putting up with being in a relationship with Ash. Kind of. 

Beach Retreat Hen Weekend - Part One

11:59 pm

Friday 10th March

The hen weekend had officially started. With lots of stressful, last minute packing of course. We (My Mum, my two sisters and I) were staying in Dymchurch, in a beach spa resort/house and my God was it gorgeous. Queue all the photo spam:

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Pregnancy And Life Update: Weeks 19 and 20

7:58 pm

 This a bit of a lengthy post, so I would definitely grab a cuppa before settling down with this one!

Week 19 started off amazingly! On Monday I had the anomaly scan and we finally found out the gender. But then Ash and I had a stupid argument straight afterwards and I went home in tears. I pretty much spent the rest of the day pissed off and annoyed that all the stuff I wanted was at his.

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